Will Starfield be available for the PS5 when it launches?

When will PS5 get Starfield?

Finally published, Bethesda’s Starfield role-playing game is receiving rave reviews from gamers. Starfield is the publisher’s first new universe in 25 years, and its focus is on limitless space exploration rather than, say, a post-apocalyptic America like Fallout or a fantastical place like The Elder Scrolls. While the game may not provide the sense of exploration that many gamers were hoping for, it does feature some great sci-fi staples like multiverse theories, a plethora of spaceships to choose from as you explore the galaxy and some very out-there future weaponry.

The Xbox Series X and PC (and Xbox One, sort of) were the initial launch platforms for Starfield, however, the PlayStation 5 has yet to receive the game. While the PlayStation 5 has a lot of fantastic titles, some Sony players can’t wait to dive into Starfield.

When will PS5 get Starfield?

Neither the PS5 nor the PS4 will be getting Starfield any time soon. There is also almost no chance of a Sony release. This is due to Microsoft’s 2021 acquisition of ZeniMax Media, of which Bethesda Softworks is a subsidiary. After much negotiation, Microsoft confirmed that future Bethesda games will be PC and Xbox One exclusives. This was despite the fact that the two companies had discussed cross-platform cooperation prior to the deal’s official signing.

Of course, PS5 owners had solid grounds for keeping their faith. Despite the new Xbox partnership, Call of Duty will continue to be exclusive to Sony’s platforms, despite Microsoft’s recent $68.7 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard. But it looks like they made that call to maintain the status quo for a continuing series with a hugely diverse player base.

Sony will never see the release of any new or upcoming Bethesda titles, including The Elder Scrolls 6.

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