What We Know About Netflix’s Comedic Show “The Mole Agent” So Far

Netflix is making a new comedy with the same person who made “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation.”The Mole Agent, a brand-new comedy show that will be made by Michael Schur and Ted Danson, has been given the go-ahead by Netflix. So far, here’s what we know:

Michael Schur, who has worked on shows like Parks and Recreation, The Good Place, and The Office, is making the new show, which doesn’t have a name yet. He is also in charge of the show and writes for it.

Schur and Danson’s show The Mole Agent was in a fierce bidding war among streaming services, and Netflix won. The Mole Agent is the first project from Schur’s new production business, Fremulon. He started Fremulon after signing a multi-year overall deal with Universal Television.

What is The Mole Agent about?

In the original Chilean documentary The Mole Agent, a private investigator named Rómulo hires an old man named Sergio to go undercover in a nursing home in El Monte, Chile, to look into a client’s claim that staff mistreated her mother. During his time at the home, the man gets to know the people who live there and learns their secrets.

Maite Alberdi directed the documentary, which was up for an Oscar in 2021 for Best Documentary Feature. It was also chosen as Chile’s entry for Best International Feature Film, where it made the shortlist.

Here’s a short summary of what The Mole Agent is about:

A retired man named Charles (Danson) gets a new start when he answers an ad from a private investigator (PI) and becomes a mole in a secret investigation.

Who plays the roles in The Mole Agent?

Two Ted Danson

Ted Danson will be playing Charles, the man who goes underground in the nursing home. Danson has been nominated for an Emmy multiple times for his roles in The Good Place, The Orville, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Mr. Meyer, and more.

How far along is The Mole Agent in the making?

At the moment, the scripts for the new shows are being written and changed. In the next couple of months, we hope to hear about pre-production and shooting.

Also, now that the WGA strike is over, writing on the series will resume in October 2023.

How many episodes of The Mole Agent will there be?

It is known that The Mole Agent will have eight 30-minute shows.

What is the date that The Mole Agent will be on Netflix?

Netflix hasn’t mentioned a release date for The Mole Agent yet, but since it’s still in the early stages of development, we can probably expect it to come out in late 2024 or early 2025.

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