VOOK E-Trike: The Big Wheel Electric Tricycle, We didn’t Realize We Needed

With the introduction of the VOOK E-trike, the urban mobility landscape is abuzz. This is not your average three-wheeler; it’s a game-changing tricycle designed to level the playing field with two-wheelers. The VOOK E-trike provides a novel alternative to standing on scooters, the instability of bicycles, and the expense of constant Uber journeys. It promises not just a means of transportation but an emotion-filled journey that transforms every corner into a thrilling experience.

Image Credit : Vook

What distinguishes the VOOK? First, its remarkable specifications. With a range of 110 miles and a maximum speed of 40 miles per hour, the electric vehicle is designed for daily commuting and weekend excursions. Its dual 3000W hub motors can accelerate the vehicle from 0 to 100 meters in 7 seconds. And with its sleek lines and distinctive design, available in colors such as Atlantic Night Blue and Rosso Mettis, it is both swift and fashionable.

However, safety is a top priority with the VOOK. It includes a GPS tracker, front and rear cameras, and regenerative braking technology. The VOOK Smart app enables motorcyclists to adjust power output and set speed limits to comply with local regulations. And for those concerned with security, the VOOK’s motion sensors and alarm system offer peace of mind by alerting you to suspicious motion. The remote entry system, which operates with a fingerprint or the VOOK Smart app, provides an additional level of convenience.

Image Credit : Vook

The VOOK E-tricycle was designed with sustainability in mind. As an electric vehicle, it generates zero emissions, making it an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional vehicles. In addition, the regenerative braking system optimizes energy consumption, saving passengers money.

Regarding energy, the VOOK is available in two versions: the 50Ah, with its larger battery capacity, is ideal for longer rides, whereas the 30Ah is better adapted for shorter commutes. Regardless of the model you select, you can add a few accessories, including a custom-designed Cargo Trailer that adds 290L of towable stowage space.

However, one of the VOOK’s most reassuring features is its warranty. With a three-year warranty on the battery, a lifetime warranty on the primary frame, and a five-year warranty on the motors, it is evident that VOOK is a long-term investment rather than a simple purchase.

The VOOK E-trike is worth a look for those eager to embrace a new era of urban mobility. It is more than a voyage; it makes a statement. Check it out on IndieGoGo to see how this tricycle with large wheels is shaping the future of transportation.

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