Top-rated wireless speakers for any price range in 2023

The absolute finest wireless speakers, including Bluetooth models, are on the market today. The best Bluetooth speakers are needed in most homes because of their portability and versatility; you may listen to music while in the shower, at a party, in the garden, or even while doing chores around the house.

For a long time now, we have been evaluating the best portable speakers available in a wide range of sizes and, most importantly, price points. While audiophile quality isn’t usually a priority, listeners still want a portable device that can provide a complete and balanced sound when they’re outside for an extended period of time. These are the aspects we focus on most while doing our speaker evaluations, while also keeping the pricing in mind to provide the best possible value.

You may get an enormous sound from something that still fits in your pocket (almost). The smaller and cheaper a speaker is, the narrower its sound tends to be. However, if you’re looking for party speakers and don’t care about portability, we have a list of the top picks. Similarly, if you’re looking for a speaker to install permanently in your home, have a look at our recommendations for the top wireless speakers.

Due to their susceptibility to knocks and drops, most portable speakers these days are quite sturdy; several are even waterproof. If that’s your number one requirement, check out our dedicated guide to the finest waterproof speakers.


Do you want to go right to the point and learn which Bluetooth speakers are top-notch? You’ll find a summary of our recommendations for various purposes below. In-depth product reviews and links to where to get them at the lowest prices online are also accessible via quick links.

  • Best All-Around: Sonos Roam
  • To begin with, the Sonos Roam
  • Look at on Amazon
  • Look at on Amazon

Ideal for the vast majority of people

The Sonos Roam has great sound for such a compact device, a durable build that can withstand drops, good networking features (including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth), and even smart home control.

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