The outdoor QLED 4K TV from Samsung called “The Terrace” is $3,000 off today

You want to spend time outside but you can’t tear yourself away from TV. Among the many Prime Day TV deals, we found a great one for you. Amazon’s Prime Day Big Deal Days sale for October just began. Because of its Prime Day deals event that ends today, Samsung has slashed the prices of its The Terrace Outdoor QLED TVs by a large amount. You can get the 65-inch The Terrace Full Sun QLED TV for $7,500 instead of $10,000 with this deal. That’s a $2,500 savings. Whoa! That’s not the only size for sale, though. You can find them in all shapes and sizes. Let’s look more closely at how they can make your life better.

A look at why you should buy the Samsung The Terrace QLED TV

The Samsung The Terrace QLED TVs aren’t cheap, but they’re great if you want a TV that you can leave outside without thinking about damage from the weather. If you have nice garden furniture and a roofed place to relax in, all you need is a TV. The most important thing to decide is whether you need the Partial Sun or Full Sun Terrace. The Full Sun model costs a lot more than the Partial Sun model, but it has a different update rate and works better in direct sunlight. The Partial Sun models are not for sale right now. Both panels can stand up to six hours in the sun at 700 watts and up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, so where you put your TV really does make a difference. Almost always, the Partial Sun TV is the best choice.
The 55-inch kind costs $3,500 and isn’t on sale. The 65-inch The Terrace Partial Sun QLED TV costs $5,000. You could also spend $6,500 on the 75-inch model and go all out. When you pay the full price, you get one of the best outdoor TVs. You can put them almost anywhere outside, whether you want to set them up for entertainment or mount them on a wall, deck, or patio.