Stream or Skip: ‘Pact Of Silence’ on Netflix: An Influencer Gets Revenge On Women Who Left Her For Dead As An Infant

You can stream it or skip it: In Netflix’s “Pact of Silence,” an influential woman gets back at the woman who left her for dead when she was a baby. The first scene of the Mexican telenovela Pact Of Silence is pretty intense: four young girls leave a baby in a house they think somebody has left empty. Since it’s a drama, you know things will get worse at this point. In this case, is that even possible?


In the first shot, the phone rings. When a kid answers it, they hear, “Leave now!” “We found you!” There are four girls running through a courtyard and a field. One of them is holding a baby.

The short version is that the girls leave the baby in a house they think is empty. They hear a woman yell at them from the van: “Isn’t this what you wanted?” They all cry and promise not to talk about this day again.

Years later, Brenda Rey (Camila Valero), who was left as a baby, is looking at a picture of the girls in that private school class and thinking about how hard it was for her to grow up after being left. There are four women in that class that she knows abandoned her, but she doesn’t know which one gave birth to her. She tells her friend Alex (Martín Barba), who is helping her find the women, over and over that she wants to get even.

The woman driving the van in a flashback is Ramona Castro, who is the headmistress of the school (Chantal Andere). She talks to the four girls, even though she knows one of them is pregnant and has her belly tied up so it doesn’t show. But all four of them show up and swear to her that they will never tell anyone who the mother is.

Going back to the present, Brenda, a social media star with more than 10 million followers, confronts Ramona at a presentation she is giving for her charity. Ramona graduated from high school 15 years ago. Ramona gives her three of the four names because she is afraid for her safety, but her friend Gloria (Sophie Gaelle) cuts her off.

Fernanda Alarcón, played by Adriana Louvier, is a rich woman whose Instagram posts make her life look better than it really is. Martina Robles (Marimar Vega) got the real estate business from her family and usually has booty calls with younger guys. Since writing a book 15 years ago, Sofía Estrada (Litzy) has been hiding. But Brenda finds out that she’s been living with a lot of debt.

Brenda doesn’t approach the three women; instead, she forms different plans to become a part of their lives. In the meantime, Ramona talks to all four women, including the fourth girl who isn’t named (Kika Edgar). She wants to break the deal, but we see in a flashback that the girls have something on Ramona that makes her agree.

You can stream it or skip it: In Netflix’s “Pact of Silence,” an influential woman gets back at the woman who left her for dead when she was a baby.

What TV shows does it remind you of? So, whenever we see a show about getting even, we think of the ABC show Revenge.

In the world of telenovelas, nothing is easy, and Pact Of Silence (Original title: Pacto De Silencio) is no different. Brenda is ready to say, “They’d just deny it,” when Alex asks her why she doesn’t just talk to the people Ramona named. Another reason is that Brenda wouldn’t be able to get into their lives and ruin them from the inside!

We’re not sure how Brenda’s role as an influencer changes the story of the show. It helps her get money to find these women and become connected with people who have the same power as them. Being well-known will both help and hurt her, but it looks like she’ll be able to break through the women’s lives veneer of dignity along the way. Will she face them or just destroy everything they love and know? That’s the most interesting thing about this story.

But since this is a soap, it’s not crazy to think that Brenda and other characters will have some sexy moments as the story goes on. There will also probably be a lot of really stupid but fun-to-watch situations. But what we really want to know is how Brenda overcame her tough childhood to become a great influencer. There are hints of that in the first episode, and the hope is that it adds to Brenda’s story. Being left alone as a baby is enough to make her angry, but her time living on the streets will also affect how she gets her payback.

The video shows Martina having sex with an unknown man, but it doesn’t show much skin.

Parting Shot: Brenda follows Ramona to the women’s school site, which is in bad shape, and sees something shocking. Watching her as she runs.

A sleeper star, Martín Barba plays Alex, Brenda’s friend who helps her find the women and plan how to ruin their lives. We could guess that he does it because he wants to be more than just a friend, though.

We don’t understand why Ramona felt the need to keep quiet in the present day, even though the girls’ threats against her made sense in the memory. It’s a story hole, but by the end of the first episode, it’s pretty well fixed.

Calling: STREAM IT. We wouldn’t expect anything less from a telenovela like Pact Of Silence, which is a bit strange and could go in a lot of crazy ways.

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