Season 6 of Virgin River: What we know so far

Fans of Virgin River on Netflix are among the most devoted, and the good news is that the show’s future is bright because there will be a lot more episodes. In addition to the two-part premiere of season 5 of Virgin River in the fall of 2023, Netflix has already confirmed production on season 6.

Netflix’s desire to prolong the life of its successful love drama is not surprising. Actress Alexandra Breckenridge, who plays Mel Monroe, recently discussed fans’ and her own expectations for a sixth-season renewal.

Since season 6 of Virgin River has been ordered by Netflix, it’s time to provide viewers an update on the latest developments, such as the renewal, episode count, season 5 release date, filming status, and more. On September 11th, we added the most recent revision.

There will be a Season 6 of Virgin River.

At Netflix’s first upfront presentation on May 17, the thrilling renewal of Virgin River for a sixth season was announced. The renewal of Virgin River for a sixth season comes in advance of the fifth season’s September 2023 premiere.

The number of episodes in the sixth season of Virgin River. What the renewal means for the show’s episode order is currently unknown. There were ten episodes in the first three seasons, twelve in the fourth and thirteen in the fifth. It’s unclear how the writers’ strike will affect the number of episodes in future seasons of the Netflix series, but we anticipate 10 or 12 episodes for season 6.

When will Season 5 of Virgin River be available?

Season 5 of Virgin River had been expected to premiere in July 2023, like seasons three and four, however, Netflix just announced that the premiere date had been pushed back until the fall. The premiere episode of season 5 of Virgin River was released online on September 7. Ten brand-new episodes packed with passion, drama, and heat make up the first section. This fall, though, there will be more episodes.

Where can I get the Season 5 Christmas episodes of Virgin River?

The first ten episodes of Season 5 will premiere on September 7, and the last two episodes will premiere on Thursday, November 30. Both of these episodes have Christmas or winter holiday themes. After much demand, season 5 of Virgin River will feature not one but two holiday-themed episodes. More spoilers follow the jump, but the tenth episode ended with a hint at what’s to come.

When will season 6 of Virgin River start shooting?

Fans of Virgin River Season 5 will understandably want production on Season 6 to begin as soon as possible, but at this time, that is not feasible. Originally scheduled to begin filming in the summer of 2023, production has been delayed until at least the end of the year.

Season 6’s scripting began before the strikes in the spring of 2023, but if an agreement isn’t reached, the labor stoppage might last for months. Therefore, depending on how much of season 6 has already been written, production might not begin on Virgin River until 2024.

If the strikes aren’t settled by the end of 2023, Virgin River season 6 won’t launch until 2025, according to executive producer and writer Richard Keith’s Instagram post.

Writers’ strike causes postponement of Virgin River season 6.

Due to the continuing writers’ strike, the writers of Virgin River and every other entertainment show have been unable to produce new episodes since July 2023 and into September. The strike has delayed the premiere of season 6 of Virgin River, and has also prevented the broadcast of many other popular autumn television series. There will be significant holdups throughout the board far into next year.

Hollywood will have to deal with more than just the writers’ strike, since the Screen Actors Guild has decided to join in. That means the two unions will go on strike at the same time, having twice the negative effect on software development’s future. There’s no telling how long the writers’ strike will extend, but the performers should get what they want regardless.

By accident, Martin Henderson promoted Season 6 of Virgin River.

Season 5 of Virgin River is currently on track to premiere this upcoming fall, despite disruptions to season 6 production and advertising plans caused by the strikes. Martin Henderson, eager to jump ahead of the advertising cycle, unintentionally captioned a photo of himself from set with the words “season 6,” leading fans to believe that filming had begun on the next season.

Yet, as said up top, production on season 6 of Virgin River has yet to begin. When posting the photo to his fan page, Henderson accidentally misspelled “fans.” When filming for Season 6 finally begins, you can be sure that Henderson and the rest of the actors will continue to tease fans online. Fans will have to wait a little longer this time until that day comes, though.

Part 1 of Season 5 of Virgin River ends on a cliffhanger.

Episode 10 of Virgin River season 5 finishes with a preview of what’s to come in the next Christmas episodes. Mel gets a call from her sister, and through her, finds out that their mother had an affair with a man in the Virgin River many years ago. The love letters Joey discovered suggest that this man may be Mel’s biological father.

In other news leading up to Part 2, Lizzie tells Denny that she might be pregnant, which will likely complicate his intentions to go back to school. After the new year, Doc will participate in a clinical trial for macular degeneration. In the hope of regaining his sight, he is prepared to take part in the trial.

Both Brie and Mike and Cameron and Muriel start dating (and rumors will spread like wild). Kaia tells Preacher, less romantically, that a body was found in the ruins of the fire, and Preacher becomes understandably concerned about Wes. Finally, we found out that Calvin is Charmaine’s unborn child’s father. The second half of Season 5 and Season 6 still have a lot in store.

Speculation on Season 6 of Virgin River.

It’s hard to say what will happen in season 6 of Virgin River until episodes 11 and 12 air, marking the formal end of the fifth season. Lizzie’s likely pregnancy, Doc’s therapeutic trial, and Mel and Jack’s plan to acquire Lilly’s property were all dropped as hints around the close of Season 5.

Mel and Jack hope to start a family and view the purchase of the farm as a means to that end. Jack adds that they may have their wedding on the estate. Therefore, a wedding may be in the works for Season 6. Obviously, each individual and the group as a whole will face many more adversities.

Netflix Life will continue to bring you the latest information about Virgin River Season 6.

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