Pixel Watch 2 may have Fitbit-like stress-measurement functions.

It’s possible that the Pixel Watch 2 will incorporate some stress-monitoring capabilities à la Fitbit.

Even though the next announcement for the Pixel by Google is less than a week away, new information regarding the smartphone continues to surface. This time, we’ve heard that the wearable will soon be receiving the Body Responses function, which was previously available on the Fitbit Sense 2 device.

This trove of information was shared by industry insider Evan Blass on X (the platform that was formerly known as Twitter), and it can be seen here. According to the photographs that he posted, the face of the watch will show how your body responds to different types of stress at different times of the day.

Each time period will be highlighted with an emoji that depicts a face that is appropriate for the ambiance. For instance, a user might feel especially stressed out at eleven in the morning, normal at noon, and then a touch off at one in the afternoon. According to 9To5Google, this is a significant improvement over what the Fitbit Sense 2 has to offer in terms of the user interface, which is now much “tidier” and “easier to understand at a glance.”

The fact that this suggests the Pixel Watch 2 may have a “electrodermal activity sensor” (often abbreviated as EDA) is particularly intriguing given that the first-generation model does not have this feature. This device functions by measuring a number of different elements, including the quantity of sweat that is produced in response to stress as well as the temperature of the person’s skin.

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