Jonathan Frakes Says Season 5 of Star Trek: Discovery Is “Back on Track”

When it comes to drama, “Star Trek: Discovery” takes risks that no other “Star Trek” show has ever taken. Some people who watch the show even think it goes too far in this area. People who watch “Star Trek: Discovery” have a big problem with what they see as forced drama in the show, especially since Season 4. Some people have said bad things about the show, but it looks like the people who make it have heard them and will try something new with the fifth and final season.

in an interview with Star Trek Explorer magazine, Jonathan Frakes, who used to direct many episodes of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and now directs many episodes of “Star Trek: Discovery,” said that Season 5 will have a lighter tone than Season 4. He said, “‘Discovery’ is back on track as an action-adventure show, and I guess they got some orders to keep it up.” “From Michelle Paradise and Alex to the rest of the group, everyone has loved it.” There’s a new drive and a new order.

Frakes Gives Hints About His Part In The Discovery Series Finale

New episodes of “Star Trek: Discovery” Season 5 have not yet come out, but Jonathan Frakes has already been confirmed to direct the season’s second-to-last episode, which will also be the first part of the series finale. Based on the director’s interview in Star Trek Explorer, the show will be based on a well-known series of action-adventure movies. Frakes said, “By the way, the first half of the season end of ‘Discovery’ this year is ‘Indiana Jones,'” not the heavy emo of season four.

Frakes also said that he got ideas for combining serious and funny things from Steven Spielberg, the director of “Indiana Jones.” He said, “It was great to find some humor in some of those scenes.” That’s why “First Contact” worked: you build up to a serious point, then add a little humor to let them off the hook, and then you can start over.” It doesn’t hurt, which is why “Deadpool” is such a great series. People can handle humor. The nod to “Indiana Jones” is a great example. There is no one better than Spielberg at that.”

Even though Frakes’ part of the “Star Trek: Discovery” ending will be more upbeat, that doesn’t mean there won’t be some more sad moments leading into the second part of the finale. To quote him, “We didn’t know it was the end when we did it.” “Then show’s chief producer and director Olatunde Osunsanmi had to go back and do two or three days of new work to make sure the finale was the finale.”

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