In the first picture of The Iron Claw, Zac Efron and Jeremy Allen White look as svelte as hell.

Men who are jealous of Zac Efron used to call him “a walking ab,” but in recent years he’s defied them with a bunch of parts in independent films. First, the biggest surprise of all: he played Ted Bundy in Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile, a truly awful biopic crime movie about the American mass killer that also starred, of all people, James Hetfield of Metallica.

Last year, there was Firestarter, based on Stephen King, and The Greatest Beer Run Ever, directed by Oscar winner Peter Farrelly. This year, he’ll try to step it up with The Iron Claw, a wrestling family story from A24, Hollywood’s answer to Supreme.

It’s clear that wrestling has always been cool, but there’s something extra special about this idea that makes it so exciting. Director Sean Durkin is known for his tendency to make characters, like Sean Harris, Rory Kinnear, Cary Coons, Elizabeth Olsen, and Jude Law, more serious than they really are. We love having depth! At that year’s Sundance Film Festival, both “The Nest” (2020) and “Smalltown Boy” by Bronski Beat were big hits with movie fans. The same was true for “Martha Marcy May Marlene” (2011).

Also, Zac Efron looks really, really jacked. Always green! This is all the other information you need about The Iron Claw.

Who will play the lead role in The Iron Claw?

This square circle event may have Efron as the star casting choice, but two other very hot actors will be joining him.

Jeremy Allen White, who will play Von Erich’s brother, Kerry, is fresh off of a big break in Hollywood with Disney’s “The Bear.” Harris Dickinson, who won a prize at Cannes for his role in Ruben Ostlund’s “Triangle of Sadness,” will play David, another brother. We got a sneak peek of Efron in one of the best wigs of all time, but A24 has now shared the first official picture of the four of them before the movie comes out. White, whose recent move into short shorts has made the internet go crazy, also said that he put on 40 pounds of muscle for the part.

Lily James, who plays Tommy on Pam & Tommy, just recently joined the cast, but her part hasn’t been revealed yet.

What does The Iron Claw mean?

The Von Erich family will be the focus of The Iron Claw. They will be as famous to wrestling fans and r/squaredcircle regulars as the Harts or the Flairs. The name of the movie comes from the famous submit hold. The Great Khali used a variation of it in WWE, and everyone says it hurts really badly. A summary of the story says, “But they faced battles in the ring and the “Von Erich curse” outside it.”

You may be wondering what the Von Erich curse was. That’s a good question. As a whole, it refers to a pattern of deaths caused by the Von Erich family over the years, ranging from suicide and drowning to enteritis and cancer. It’s awful and sad stuff, but it’s easy to see why a director like Durkin, who is interested in both family problems and the macabre, would jump at the chance to explore it.

When is The Iron Claw going to come out?

A24 officially revealed that The Iron Claw will be in theaters this Christmas—December 22, to be exact—along with a first-look picture of the four brothers. It’s time for a happy bell to ring.

So, once more, how ripped is Zac Efron?

Okay, you be the judge. (Really, really!!!)

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