Here Are 6 Opinions on the New Priscilla Trailer

The trailer for Priscilla, Sofia Coppola’s highly-anticipated (and already well-reviewed) biopic about Priscilla Presley, was published on Tuesday, and it has been praised for its “beautiful” and “dark” tone. The film will be in cinemas on November 3. Some Reactions

Vogue gushes over the “beautiful ’60s fashion” and elegance that will be on show, calling the teaser “utterly exquisite.”Lovely, but tinged with gloom: According to Mashable, the teaser “doesn’t shy away from the darker side of the famed romance,” showing sequences that reveal Elvis Presley’s rage, infidelities, and the “gendered control” that was exerted over Priscilla.

USA Today notes that despite the age difference, Priscilla has always stated that her relationship with Elvis was founded on mutual respect and that the couple married when she was barely 21 years old.

Salon even goes so far as to label it a “toxic love story,” referencing the scene in which Elvis hurls a chair that almost misses Priscilla’s head. “Glimpses of the trailer center on the growing young love juxtaposed with the real-life levels of trauma, stress, and dysfunction that afflicted the couple’s relationship,” Nardos Haile writes.

Curiously, what doesn’t make it into the preview? According to CNN, Elvis’s music is great. Coppola apparently failed to secure permission from Elvis’ estate to utilize his music, hence the soundtrack features no recordings by the King.BuzzFeed reports that viewers are responding “intensely” to Jacob Elordi’s performance as Elvis. As one admirer put it, it was “brilliant” to cast a “freakishly tall giant” (he’s supposedly 6’5″) as Elvis (who was 6’0″), creating the impression that the height difference between Elvis and Priscilla was much greater than it actually was.

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