An Xbox 360 fan finds something strange at a thrift store

When a fan of the Xbox 360 goes to a thrift store, they find something strange that has nothing to do with the system itself. Hard-core gamers still love the Xbox 360, even though it came out almost 18 years ago. There are even busy online communities for some games.

Someone on Reddit found a strange Xbox 360 item: a silver lunch tray with the console’s logo on it. It turned out to be a special gift for assembly workers.

This discovery shows that you can always find out interesting things about the Xbox 360. Gamers are looking forward to finding out more interesting things. A person who likes the Xbox 360 found something cool at a thrift store that might not have anything to do with the system. Even though the Xbox 360 is almost 18 years old, it’s still possible to learn new things about it.

As of 2014, the Xbox 360 had sold about 84 million units, making it the tenth best-selling video game system of all time. It was Microsoft’s second attempt to get into the gaming market. It also had a long life—almost eleven years, which was rare for a console at the time. The Xbox 360 is still a favorite among serious gamers, and some of its games still have busy online communities years after the console’s release. However, some of its services are slowly coming to an end.

A lot of the time, video game systems get stuff that has nothing to do with games. The Xbox 360 was no different. During a thrift store shopping trip, Reddit user ben__hen found a strange item. It looks like a silver lunch tray and has the China Tour of Duty logo, release date, and the words “console.” They said they didn’t know what it was made for at first, other than holding food, of course. There are many stories of gamers finding strange things at thrift shops, and this is just one of them.

One person on Reddit said that the tray was first given to assembly workers who worked extra hours to make Xbox 360 systems as a kind of thank-you gift. Some people said they would like to own such a tray, either to use it for eating or to show it off as part of a collection of memorabilia. Some users joked that they might use the tray to either put together blunts or take the famous Xbox 360 controller apart and put it back together with parts that they had made themselves.

The Xbox 360 was a part of the childhoods of millions of users, and it will be twenty years old in just two years. But what this gamer found shows that you can always find interesting things about old things. It will be interesting to see what other strange things people find out about the 360.

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