44 Shows to Look Forward to During the Fall

44 Fall TV Shows

There will be a lot of great new and returned shows in the next few months, even though a lot of Hollywood is on strike.

We have been here before. To be exact, it was the pandemic in 2020 that messed up the fall TV plans for networks.

This year, the writers’ and actors’ strikes haven’t had as big of an impact because they started later in the production cycle than the pandemic and have only affected American shows. But once more, the schedules are full of reality shows and game shows. With their long lead times, Fox was able to finish more episodes of their animated shows. CBS will reuse and recycle shows like “Yellowstone” and the original British “Ghosts,” and CW will offer a wide range of Canadian shows. The changes are not as clear on cable, streaming, and PBS, where seasons are shorter and schedules are more open.

These are all of the strike-proof fall shows you can watch. The dates could change.

“THE SUPER MODELS” in September Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, and Christy Turlington Burns are in charge of making this documentary series about their best years in the 1990s. It looks like it will be just as fancy as the clothes they wore. (Apple TV+, September 20)

“INSTRUCTION IN SEX” In this famous, award-winning, sex-positive soap opera’s fourth and final season, Moordale Secondary School closes and everyone has to get used to a new school. (Netflix, September 21)

I love you, young love. This is a cartoon series about a family in Chicago based on the 2019 Oscar-winning short film “Hair Love,” which is about a Black father learning how to style his daughter’s hair. (Max, September 21)

“THE CONTINENTAL: FROM THE LIFE OF JOHN WICK” This three-episode addition to the world of John Wick stars Mel Gibson and is a prequel that is all about the Continental, a private hotel for killers. As Winston Scott, the future owner, Colin Woodell (“The Flight Attendant”) has the difficult job of making us think that he is younger than Ian McShane. (Peacock, September 22)

“DEADLOCKED: HOW AMERICA CHANGED THE SUPREME COURT” ‘John Lewis: Good Trouble’ director Dawn Porter made this four-part documentary about the Supreme Court’s modern past. Sept. 22 on Showtime

The word “KRAPOPOLIS” Dan Harmon, who made “Community” and “Rick and Morty,” is adding a comedy to Fox’s Sunday-night schedule. The show is about a young king (Richard Ayoade) in brightly animated ancient Greece who is trying to bring about society. Fox has picked up the show for three seasons, which will give the great Matt Berry plenty of chances to play the king’s father, a horny half-centaur and half-manticore. (September 24, Fox)

“THE IRRATIONAL” part Jesse L. Martin has been on “Law & Order” for nine seasons and starred in “Rent” on Broadway. This is the first time in his 30-year TV career that he has his own show. He plays a behavioral scientist whose strange team solves “illogical puzzles and perplexing secrets,” continuing the long history of strange crime-solvers on mainstream TV. (NBC, September 25)

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